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Over time, I gained more practical and detail when editing and adjusting photos. But my health got worse in my hands.
1 month before during EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH woke up with my hands were numb and throbbing.
The doctor said that could be the "carpal tunnel" ...

Yesterday was a very horrible because I paralyzed hands 4 times followed by questions of a second but the 5th time .. I left my hands in one position for about 15 minutes.
After that, I hurt your hands all day.
I do not want to be sick! I do not want to take off my hands (talking about not using them more), the art comes from him and I'm going crazy! I think my prices go up and have to work only with customers willing to pay for my work.

Al pasar el tiempo, fui adquiriendo mas practica y minuciosidad al momento de editar y ajustar las fotografias. Pero fui empeorando mi salud en mis manos.
1 mes antes durante TODOS LOS DIAS DEL MES despertaba con mis manos dormidas y pulsantes.
La doctora me dijo que podria tratarse del "Tunel carpiano" ...

Ayer fue un momento muy horrible porque se me entruncaron las manos 4 veces seguidas por cuestiones de segundo 5ta vez se me quedaron las manos en una posicion por aproximadamente 15 minutos.
Despues de esto, me dolieron las manos por todo el dia.

No quiero estar enferma!! no quiero que me quiten mis manos (hablando de no usarlas mas), el arte proviene de el y me estoy volviendo loca!! Creo que subire mis precios y tendre que trabajar solo con clientes dispuestos a pagar por mi trabajo.
woow i can't believe it
is so fast!!!!
and i remember de 2010 yet!
I am so ........worried with all these things from the Narcos

Kidnapped a cousin of mine and gives terror to think he is doing now? what's happening to him?
i can't wait to go to the movies
A Lent? or..Ilumination?


Que es mejor?
un Lente ? o Iluminacion.??
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Wiiiiii estoy realizando el diseño de el disco de VALLE DE LA MUERTE
estoy tan emocionada!! espero quede mejor de como lo esperan.
Deseenme suerte!! *-*
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Prolapso de Matriz

es la cosa mas triste que pude aver escuchado sobre mi
no solo perdi la esperanza de algun dia tener un hijo propio
si no que es desepcionante saber que no soy normal
como los demas lo son.
Tan facil es perder el aliento
como tan facil saber que ese dia jamás volvera.
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So high you soar, will stronger the fall.
The chasm is not reached by beating others if not yourself, so improving
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Why the people prefer low prices, and..not quality?

I am a bit confused and it makes me sad, then that means that I will not have as much work as I thought?
This also happens to you?

I just hope it is a matter of confidence, because as I starting not as strong and not so familiar my pictures......... yet?

Normally mediocre and cheap labor has more demand
People who really know.......
:) hiiiiiiiiiiii
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I'm very very happy!! Cause in 1 week i will have my Canon EOS Rebel xt1i !!
*-* i can't sleep, i can't eat...and i wish to be here with my cam!
i can't believe the time is short...and the imagination is BIGGER than anything else
i just have a lot of ideas for photographies!!!!!

*-* :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love:
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thanks a lot to all!!!
**-** soon is my birthday!
this saturday 23!!!
January is always cold.
i wish the days be more hot ...
cause the days are freaky man!!!

*-* my birthday..
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¿Desd, cuand ser parte de una manada fue tan immportante...?


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i love frappes :D
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Hello people! C: and..HELP ME PHOTOGRAPHER!! :C

I wanted to ask for advice!
see .. My mom will give it to me a camera like a Chrismas gift,but I have to choose one
so.. had at first decided on the NIKON D40...investigate and besides having a very affordable price ($ 739 dlls) I noticed that he was only 6.1 MegaPixels: / which don't like me..
So. Then found information on

* CANON REFLEX XTI10.1 Megapixeles = $750.00 dlls

* CANON EOS 5D 12.8 Megapixels = $630.00 dlls

*NIKON D300 10.2Megapixeles = $600.00 dlls

and ..
*NIKON D40X 10.7 Megapixeles = $ 739.00dlls

I do not like so digitized cameras ..
I would like one with more effect on the lens

Prices are approximate Found
by the data collected on the Internet
(not accurate)
Please Help me! if I do a cost
I want to do well


SIRENA .mezzodiva.
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I love capture photographies!....i'm photographer and in some shoots
i'm model C: not perfect but i try to learn more of you!!!

again sorry for my bad english
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Love you is like a powerful storm in my perfume bottle
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soy hermosa como unas hadas
y aun asi me lastima el corazooon
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why the people hate me?...

WHY the people were my friends are no longer ..
those who feel very holy
are shit ..

I hate people lying
fucking world is rotting
into pieces and ...
and..... I'm here writing this ..
sitting at a computer screen

i hate me!!!!!!!!!!!
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